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Implementing a chatbot is also a great way to collect personalized and specific information about the customer, and using this data to provide more personal interaction will create loyal consumers.Bots are way more effective than humans when it comes to mapping purchase patterns and analyzing customer insights.Over 2,5 billion people are using at least one type of messaging app and it is estimated that within couple of years these numbers will increase up to 3,6 billion.There is no denying that the internet, smartphones and messaging apps are a huge part of our daily lives.

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While virtual assistant can’t get you a coffee from the nearest coffee shop, it can still be a real Godsend when it comes to saving your time and reducing the stress and hassle of work days.

Building your own chatbot might seem like a big puzzle to be solved, but that is why we are here to help and created this ultimate guide.

In the past brands have struggled to attract customers to download an new app, where as now consumers are more likelier to interact with a chatbot that’s part of an app they are already using.

A Bot Builder software-development kit (SDK) is available on Git Hub under an open-source MIT license.

These bots can be implemented into a variety of applications, including Slack or Telegram or even email.

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