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And thousands of victims’ families will continue to endure the agony of not knowing what happened to their loved ones. Human Rights Watch witnessed this in the state of Nuevo León, where government officials and prosecutors, responding to pressure from victims’ families and human rights defenders, have broken with a pattern of inaction and incompetence, and begun to seriously investigate a select group of disappearances.Their efforts have helped win back the trust of victims’ relatives and, with it, their collaboration, which has proven critical to identifying new leads and gathering valuable evidence.The nearly 250 cases documented in this report by no means represent all the disappearances that occurred in Mexico during the Calderón administration.Quite the opposite, there is no question that there are thousands more.Not only had it failed to rein in the country’s powerful criminal groups, but it had led to a dramatic increase in grave human rights violations committed by the security forces sent to confront them.Rather than strengthening public security, these abuses had exacerbated a climate of violence, lawlessness, and fear.While at this time results in these investigations remain limited and very few of the disappeared have been found, the approach provides a blueprint for overcoming some of the greatest obstacles to resolving disappearance cases.Ultimately, the success of this and other state-level efforts will depend in large measure on whether the federal government is willing and able to do its part.

Only in his final year did he acknowledge that human rights violations had occurred, and take a handful of positive—though very limited—steps to curb some abusive practices.This is, after all, a national problem, often involving federal security forces and organized crime groups that operate across state lines.The mass graves discovered in one state may well contain the remains of people disappeared in others.However, he failed to fulfill his fundamental obligation to ensure that the egregious violations committed by members of the military and police were investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.That responsibility now falls to President Peña Nieto.

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