Avg edition not updating

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The other steps are not relevant for the use of AVG and can be confirmed with the button Next.

The setup of AVG is concluded with a check for the latest virus definitions.

On the tab What to scan, it is possible to make a selection of the partitions and folders to scan, which will improve the time to finish the scanning process.

Specific partitions, folders and/or files can be scanned manually in the Windows Explorer by right clicking them and to select Scan with AVG Free.

In step 2 the automatic daily virus scan can be changed or disabled (by disabling the option Enable daily scanning).

Here, the scheduled time can be changed to a more favorite time when the computer is usually on but not used.

By choosing for a specific day (see example), the daily scan can be changed to a weekly scan (for normal use, a daily scan is not necessary).

The AVG Anti-Virus setup is straight forward, with a few clicks en updating of the virus definitions, your Free AVG software is ready.

You need to register, after registration you receive an e-mail with the registration code.

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