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The music finally stops when Dot uses a piano wire to strangle Paul to death, screaming at him to leave Nina alone.

All the while, Olivia remains downstairs, staring at the news in a pill-induced stupor.

Dot blames herself for her father's death in a car accident, believing that if she had been with him, she could have warned him of the oncoming danger.

Soon after arriving, Dot discovers an incestuous relationship between Nina and her father, Paul (Martin Donovan).

For reasons of her own, Nina still pretends that Dot cannot tell anyone and confides in Dot about her plan to murder her father.When Paul's body hits the ground, Nina starts screaming and cursing at Dot.Olivia comes upstairs and her only comment on being faced with Paul's body is to tell Dot that it's a miracle that she can hear. If you are the lover of Hollywood films and beautiful girls, then surely, you have watched her other movies too, like “From Prada to Nada”, “Open Road”, “The American Side” and many others. The girl was very beautiful from the earliest years. Occupation: Actress Sexual Orientation: Straight Religion: Roman Catholic Camilla Belle is a chic woman and talented actress, who gained international popularity, having acted as a babysitter Jill Johnson in the movie “When a Stranger Calls”. Camilla Belle was born in a creative glamorous family of a fashion designer (mother) and country music composer, who also owned a construction company (father).

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