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But that felt like "the cheap, weird part of it," Natalie says, whereas the impending wedding "was about our love." Sex, she says, was less important than the other reasons Tom would make a great life partner: "He's great with kids.And he brings an element of joy into my life that wasn't there before." Can that be enough?"The worst is when people say, `Oh, so he's like your brother? In one survey, 14.1 percent of married men and 14.9 percent of married women experienced little or no sexual activity in the past year—and not necessarily as a side effect of menopause or because a relationship had cooled over decades.The women I talked to for this story are dynamic, intelligent, attractive, childless, financially independent.They were asked to report whether they had sex every day, and, if they did, how satisfied they were with it on a seven-point scale.

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The researchers asked three different samples of newlyweds, mostly aged between their mid-20s and early-30s, to keep the diaries for two weeks, writing down what they did that day.There's no RDA for sex; no prescribed "supposed to" frequency.But most of us assume that, barring significant health or emotional issues, a good relationship has to have at least a little of it. She insists that while her marriage isn't perfect, it's happy, stable, loving, and fun—without sex.Unlike the Myers-Briggs and its peers, the Big 5 has repeatedly held up in empirical testing.The traits are conscientiousness, or how likely you are to be on time to meetings and reply to emails; agreeableness, or how eager you are to please people; openness to experience, or how much you crave adventures; neuroticism, or how much you react to the sundry difficulties of life; and extraversion, or how much you want to hang out.

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