Dating in berlin

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However, the following ways to decrease your rent in Germany are perfectly legal.

So put on your on best David suit, it’s time to fight again Goliath! These things have been in my head for a while now, and i will make my own attempt to try to answer to these questions.

The term probably comes up in your conversations once in a while back home or here. (We all have seen that ad: “A normal guy learned 7 languages in just 1 year! This requires a lot of self-discipline, something we all too often lack.

We are expatriates, expats part of the expat community. Surely, as foreigners, if we left our countries in search of a better life abroad, should we not be immigrants? To add a learning routine in a busy lifestyle and committing to it in the long-run is hard to do alone.

That’s why a lot of us are still going to a good old-fashion language school.

A motivating teacher and a bit of peer-pressure can sure do marvels to get from A1 to B2 in no time.

In other terms; how many flats are being repeatedly put for rent by owners as holiday rentals when they could be made available to local long-term tenants?

A first attempt at objectively measuring the extent of the problem in Berlin was made by Studio Karat through their dedicated website: On 01/05/2016, a new law was voted by the city Senate in an effort to limit the effect of such platforms onto the long-term local housing market.

During a few hours, start-ups come and pitch in front of fellow entrepreneurs and in front of an experts’ panel who have experience in the industry.

Following-up with my nonsensical* exploration of Hamburg as a good candidate for your expat life in this post, we look today at why Hamburg might offer more stable situations for their inhabitants and how its environments improves quality of life.

Continue Reading…Every now and then, there are posters hanged on lamp posts or in the U-Bahn. This is generally the sign that elections are soon held.

We do visit the country once in a while, especially Hamburg since it’s only 1h45 away with the train but we might never consider other candidate cities in Germany for our expat life.

A special invitation from the city & a personal wish to see past my love for Berlin leads me to do that today.

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