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"It's okay, I believe you." Lena reassured softly after a brief kiss, "But I kind of want to hear more about this time travelling, if that's okay? In fact, it was her boyfriend I saved from being eaten." Kara said proudly, "She's cool too. "But I'm not giving you the brush off, I promise." Lena swore, cupping the other girl's face, "Please, let me see you again tonight? But Kara did get a few long seconds to stare at Lena's ass, and then after a couple of minutes of just lying in bed she got to watch a completely naked Lena Luthor walking back into the room just as confidently and start getting dressed." "Sure." Kara beamed, not seeing any harm in sharing this story, "Well, it didn't exactly go according to plan. "Are you going to-" Lena began when she was almost dressed, only for the beautiful alien girl to vanish and then reappear in her full superhero costume, looking stunning as always, causing Lena to pout, "Show off." "Always." Kara grinned proudly, feeling bold enough to be the one to kiss Lena this time.It was understandable, but the first time it happened Kara might have got a bit antsy and asked if Lena was done yet too many times. "Me." Lena said nonchalantly, then when Kara started looking adorably nervous clarified, "I'm a Luthor, Kara. It's her secret identity." Lena whispered after leaning in, then continued much louder, "Kara, please understand, I didn't start all of this to find out who she truly was. But it wouldn't change the fact that she is wonderful, and way out of my league. "And you can't tell, you know who." Lena pressed, before explaining, "I don't want her to worry." Kara nodded weakly, "I understand." "Right. Instead Lena seemed dissatisfied with the state of their relationship, and she had made some good reasons why.Ever since then Lena kept some snacks in her draw to keep Kara occupied, proving just what a wonderful person she was, and how lucky Kara was to have her in her life. have you ever been with someone, and it always feels like they're hiding something from you? "What am I talking about, of course you do." Lena corrected herself. I can tell everyone's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You'd be foolish not too." "I'm not a fool." Kara said softly, but firmly, reaching out to hold Lena's hand, "I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I know there is no shoe. I truly believe that." Lena blushed slightly, "My mother would call you a fool." "She's the fool for not knowing how wonderful you are." Kara insisted, squeezing Lena's hand, and wishing she could do more. And as for the mystery, trust me, that's more of an annoyance at this point." "Really? "Really." Lena confirmed, then after another pause added, "Honestly I wish she'd just look me in the eye and tell me the truth. " Another pause and then Kara pointed out, "You could get hurt." "I'm a Luthor. Which I know isn't super reassuring, but you're just going to have to trust me, okay? So good that Kara was left questioning her own happiness with it.

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Or the fact that her co-workers probably thought she had snapped given how ridiculously happy she was, and she just couldn't contain it. Or she would if it wouldn't have completely exposed her secret identity, and she still hadn't even told Alex about what was going on with her right now, so she should do that first, and soon.

Because why would the gorgeous Lena Luthor feel a drop of modesty discovering she was naked in bed with another girl?

It was a new experience for Kara though, and she really wasn't sure what to do or say. "Hi." Lena chuckled, and then after a brief pause casually asked, "So, time travel? " Kara frowned in confusion, lifting her head up again.

Today they were going to one of Kara's favourite places. That she is not cheating on me behind my back, she's saving the world. I even know what she is capable of, and her enemies. Then there was the whole, 'I'm keeping something from her' thing, which Kara just couldn't get out of her head.

It served the normal kind of light lunch that Lena liked so much, but they also had the option of good proportions of food, including the second best chocolate cake in the entire city. Which sounded a little wrong, but Kara knew what she meant, and as she didn't say that out loud it was okay. you know, it was like I was flying through the stars. To be truly clueless about that would be very dangerous." Lena pointed out, "Of course, I couldn't imagine not knowing who she truly was, even if she was wearing a very, very convincing disguise. It's going to take some getting used too." Lena reassured, and then after a long pause admitted, But maybe it's for the best. It just rattled around inside there all day long, driving her crazy as she tried to imagine what it could possibly be.

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