Is chelsea handler still dating her boss

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"And now it's just — everything keeps falling into place." Although the show streams just three new episodes a week, it's a full-time job for Handler and the show's staff. I get here at like a.m." Business Insider got a rare look at a day with Handler behind the scenes of her talk show at the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Los Angeles."All I can say is I get up earlier than I ever have, and I work harder than I ever have," Handler told Business Insider. Here's a look at what a taping day for Netflix's "Chelsea" is like: "Chelsea" showrunner Sue Murphy runs this meeting."Chunk sits perfectly in between the sofa areas in the main interview area, so that the audience sees him. So they're having a war." Like with most of her guests, Handler hopes to find out something she didn't know before. So it's really cool to see it, and it's always better to embrace something than to be like, 'No, I'm too good for that.'" Handler doesn't have a ritual that she does ahead of taping.

We just fade out and go to whatever the next transition is, and we have transitional pieces built in throughout the show instead of walking from one place to the other on camera." Since the show is taped, it can do reshoots.

So that's a process I enjoy." "I don't ever do anything. "No, I just come in and then they fix me." It takes Handler about an hour and a half for hair and makeup.

"It's easy when you have the same people," she said. I can't sit still for very long anyway." Handler gives Chunk the freedom to roam around the set during filming.

So it's stocked a little bit like 'Sleeping with the Enemy.' There aren't a lot of free minutes in the day." "I love editing," Handler said.

"It's nice to kind of hit the comedy and tighten up a piece and make it play better, or remember things that you said that aren't necessarily in there that you want placed back in there.

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