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You’re the new kid at school that everyone knows is gonna be gone within a week. I mean, people can be nice but there’s always this feeling of, “Oh, we know they’re only be around for a little bit.”And you also feel like you can’t really ask for what you need because you’re just the new guy and you should be lucky to be there. You also feel a little bit like, “Well, nobody knows me. I really didn’t think I was right for the role, I was a little young.

Nobody knows what I’m capable of so maybe I have to really prove myself.”And you’re bound to feel uncomfortable, I think, in acting no matter what. Josh Zuckerman: It changes from audition to audition. I’ve always had this thing where I fall between the cracks and I think a lot of actors feel that, where you look a certain age but you don’t play a certain age. So, I auditioned for this role – and they ended up casting somebody who is a lot older than I was – but I was auditioning for it and he was in the CIA or something.

, about a guy who discovers his best friend (Nathaniel Buzolic) is sleeping with his recently separated mother (Krista Allen).

And once he gets wind of this new relationship, he can’t stand it and he’ll go to any length to put the kibosh on it and if that means using me as a pawn in that game, so be it. Josh Zuckerman: Yeah, it helps when you watch the show and it helps to justify the romantic relationship. And our show never made it to the CW Seed because it stayed within the network.

And it helps to justify that Johnny’s character wants to get back together with her. And so they ordered it to series about a month later and it was beyond everyone’s wildest expectations.

But they made an offer, they sent over the scripts, I fell in love with the writing and I said, “Yeah, I absolutely want to do this.” So that’s how came to pass.

Have you shot the whole, what, 9 episodes I think they ordered? We shot three episodes initially and had to re-shoot parts of our one and three episodes because we had to recast a role. When you guys are shooting something at first for the web series and it moves to network, do you guys have to redo anything?

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