List of scamming dating sites

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Callers say they don’t want other family members to find out.

The only contact information for the Canadian retail giant headquartered in Toronto, is a “Contact us” email form, that does not include a company email address or phone number.

Tips: Legitimate lotteries do not require a fee or tax to collect winnings Never send money or banking information to anyone you do not know or trust By far the most common cause of complaints, with nearly 30,000 to the CAFC in 2016, extortion scams include ransomware, in which a malicious software blocks access to a computer until the victim agrees to pay a ransom.

Or a message pretending to be from the RCMP stating “This IP address was used to view websites containing pornography or child pornography,” and demanding 0 to unlock the computer.

When the “girlfriend” requested another ,000, the victim contacted local police and the CAFC.

Fake charities, often bearing names very similar to real ones, are another popular seasonal fraud, with scammers approaching victims online, over the phone or at their door to take advantage of the holiday spirit. In the case of counterfeits, Canada has started taking action with Project Chargeback, in which victims who receive fake goods are reimbursed by credit card companies or banks.

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