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The “Libyan Winter” proved to be the hottest chapter of the Arab Spring thus far.Post-War Libya Rebels who stormed Ghadafi’s Tripoli compound were eager to expose his regime’s relationship with imperialist powers and one of their commanders sued the British foreign minister for handing him over to Ghadafi to be tortured, hardly the acts of anyone on the CIA payroll.Libya would look like Syria today if the anti-interventionists won at home in the West.

Hammered by NATO’s airpower from above, by the Berbers from without, and by revolutionaries from below, Ghadafi’s forces in Tripoli melted away.Nothing else mattered except that NATO chose to act; what Libyans said, did, thought, and organized was simply not a factor for them.These anti-imperialists airbrushed the Libyans out of their own revolution.The anti-interventionists did their best to substitute weak suppositions, NATO’s bald hypocrisy, and guilt by association for the evidence they lacked to support their hijacking story.For them, the Libyan revolution’s constituent elements lost their political independence, initiative, and lifeblood the instant NATO fired its first cruise missile.

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    Health workers can provide first aid treatment for injuries, monitor the well-being of people staying in Red Cross shelters, and replace prescription medications or eyeglasses.

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    There were numerous Italian clubs, but each one represented an Italian Province or was geared to activities other than football.

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    Drugim uniwersytetem jest Thames Valley University (istniejący jako szkoła wyższa od 1860, a jako uniwersytet od 1992), którego część znajduje się w Reading, dwie pozostałe natomiast w pobliskich miastach Slough i Ealing.