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According to ancient texts, this country will be annihilated in 2029. According to recent findings, scientists have found that Earth's oceans may have been sterile - incapable of producing life, giving the stronger notion that humans came from outside. Souls that are living on this world presently - otherwise known a living human beings carry the seeds of validity or invalidity. Every living person is given a choice of whether to let these seeds sprout (and grow). Religion has nothing to do with Love - for religion came into this world to divide the souls and cast argument among them. Según los textos antiguos, este país será aniquilado en 2029. De acuerdo con los hallazgos recientes, los científicos han encontrado que los océanos de la Tierra pueden haber sido estéril - incapaz de producir la vida, dando la idea de que los seres humanos más fuertes vinieron de fuera. Las almas que viven en este mundo actualmente - también conocidos unos que viven los seres humanos llevan las semillas de la validez o invalidez. Cada persona que vive se le da la opción de si dejar que estas semillas germinan (y crecen). El amor es la razón por la que usted y su esposa se casó, y ama osos de la libertad.

The Country that calls itself "The United States" is nothing more than Great Babylonia. Human beings make up a very small percentage of all life in the detectable Universe (the Carnal universe). Love is the reason you and your wife became married, and Love bears freedom. El país que se autodenomina "Los Estados Unidos" no es más que Gran Babilonia. Marte (y planetas más allá del planeta Tierra) son Los seres humanos constituyen un porcentaje muy pequeño de toda la vida en el Universo detectable (el universo Carnal). Confundido ambos están sobre dónde sus intenciones deberían ser - no lo son.

As soon as I'd found out relevant information and I send a long and 'friendly' letter to TVX Films - to my suprise I got an abrupt e-mail back from the owner who claimed that 'his company does NOT steal pictures off the internet and he recieved it from a company they've been in business with for 25 years'.

I found it hilarious, since I still remember taking that photograph back in 2004, I even have one of the first prints at my local walmart store with the date on!


ACTUALLY, REMOVING YOUR IMAGE WILL HELP IMPROVE THE SELL OF THE DVD….. He also claimed I was 'scheming' and had set him up - placing the image on a public domain so companies can steal it and I can sue them... I actually had this image on only one website for a few years until I joined flickr - just Deviant ART and it was clear that wasn't a public domain when underneath each of my picture there is a disclaimer CLEARLY stating the obvious (that's it's copyright)...

AND my small watermark on the dress which had been removed on the dvd cover..

After a few e-mails I found it obvious that I wasn't getting anywhere and that the owner was definately a sleaze himself.

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I HAVE LEFT THIS UP TO SHOW PEOPLE THE STORY AND HOPEFULLY TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF ONLINE COPYRIGHT THEFT. My image is being used for a pornographic movie called ' Body Magic'. Somebody noted me saying this company was using one of my pictures..Believe me Bill - it is much better forgiving a friend than turning him into an memory loss. Also, I want to find a pet for my aunt who is alone now (she lost her husband a few months ago). I recommend a pet that requires the least amount of maintenance. Just ask her if she would be forced to take care of someone's pet, what kind of pet would she hoped it be? Also, the pet you choose should be conformed to her environment (does she live in a house? When preparing fried foods, add a little water to your sauce pan (at low temperatures) to prevent high levels (of acrylamides) from forming. Shaped are the beings you call 'stars' as they were given birth from their original state of being - The Point of Origin - or our Creator - the energy field of Light and Love.1) Realizing your physical limits, 2) Letting go of things from your past, you can not change, 3) Realizing you are never to old to learn something new, 4) making goals for yourself, 5) Coming to terms that everything in this world is temporary including all current situations, 6) Caring for the smaller things in life, 7) Spending time and actually listening to your friends and family instead of just hearing them out, 8) Forgiving your loved ones for their errors in life, as you wish to be forgiven as well, and 10) Giving thanks everyday for the things that go right in your life, and opening your eyes to things that have gone wrong, but not letting it bring you down. Créeme Bill - que es mucho mejor que perdona un amigo que él se convierta en una pérdida de memoria. También, quiero encontrar una mascota para mi tía que es solo ahora (que perdió a su esposo hace algunos meses). Recomiendo una mascota que requiere la menor cantidad de mantenimiento. Los alimentos fríos, alimentos cocidos y alimentos al vapor tienen poco o nada de son conocidos carcinógenos (agentes causantes de cáncer) y cuando se descompone, forma de amoníaco, monóxido de carbono, óxidos de nitrógeno. Fish and birds are better to regulate and care for then dogs and cats. Peces y aves son mejores para regular y cuidar de entonces los perros y gatos. Puede tener efectos adversos en el sistema nervioso humano en grandes dosis. La energía que se envió desde el Universo de nuestras imita Creador del Universo, si viene, para Universo de la energía del Creador es redonda ovalada, como las leyes del amor mantenerlos circulando elementos de la energía de los otros llamados luz y la gravedad. I HAVE LEFT THIS UP TO SHOW PEOPLE THE STORY AND HOPEFULLY TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF ONLINE COPYRIGHT THEFT." PLEASE NOTE THIS CASE IS BEING RESOLVED BY A US LAWYER AND HAS BEEN SINCE LAST YEAR. This happened a few months back (well, since I found out).

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