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“The banks are not only exposed to direct default risks on their exposures, but also to an economy’s broader adjustments to a debt overhang, including the risk of an economic slowdown and deep asset price corrections,” Eugene Tarzimanov, Moody’s Vice President and Senior Credit Officer, added.

“The buildup of these long-term risks contributed to a number of Moody’s bank downgrades in 20,” he said.

By Jerry Maglunog With the inflation rate stable, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has decided to close down its so-called special deposit account (SDA) window which has attracted more than P2 trillion in deposits.

“It’s a huge amount that earns almost nothing because of the very low interest now offered by BSP; no other remedies for it except to bring it to other avenues where interests are higher,” Belle Tiongco, chief marketing officer of Pru Life UK, said.

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This type of fund gives the client opportunity to invest in a much wider spread of investments than if to invest on UITF which however usually gives higher returns.

Moody’s report “Banks —Asia-Pacific: Private sector leverage remains a structural challenge for many banking systems” co-authored by Kuo and Tarzimanov, pointed out that vulnerabilities exist in the Asia-Pacific corporate sector, although the current slowdown in debt accumulation in most markets and higher economic growth expectations are both positive.

China and India are the most exposed to high corporate leverage risks, followed by Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and Hong Kong.

BSP expanded the access to the SDA facility to allow trust entities of financial institutions under BSP supervision to deposit in the facility.

Aside from SDA, there are two other avenues where money is best kept to earn comfortable interest, unit investment trust fund (UITF) and unit-linked funds.

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