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As the only male team on the season, they were much closer in physique to Kevin & Drew than the Alpha Male teams that had dominated the first four seasons.

Though they started off as solid racers, Marshall's knees gave out in Egypt, greatly hindering their performance.

They would reappear on Former Miss Teen USA and her boyfriend.

Stay-at-home moms who eagerly leaped at the opportunity to be a good example for their kids.

Though not the strongest team, they were fan favorites who persisted to reach the penultimate leg, where they were done in when Colin zoomed by Karen on the ascender Roadblock, finishing 4th (the highest finishing all-female team until Season 10).

Solid racers, they were repeatedly overshadowed, lost behind the big personalities and storylines that made up the season.

They made the Final 3, where they finished third due to being stuck on the same flight with Colin & Christie, but not having an aggressive driver to help them keep pace.

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