Single party schwerte

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DESCRIPTION: This helmet retains nearly all of its original “pea green” smooth parade paint.The left side of the helmet has a Wehrmacht eagle shield decal featuring a deep, golden yellow eagle with down-swept wings, clutching a canted swastika in it’s talons on a black shield shaped base. This is the textbook ET Kriegsmarine decal with the border around the outline of the eagle.The price of all World War Two memorabilia has increased dramatically over the last decade or so.Some people now choose to invest in such items expecting a good return on their money in the future.Some examples will fetch many thousands of pounds depending on the condition, unit and scarcity of a particular helmet.

It has had the national shield period removed as per 1940 regulations.

Keep an eye on the sold and for sale page or please let me know if you have something nice to offer.

Most are M35 double decal helmets which are my favourite and are the most desirable.

The right side of the helmet has had the national tri-color decal very neatly removed as per 1940 regulations.

All three liner retaining rivets and both inserted ventilation bushings are all intact.

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