Souichi's diary of delights online dating carbon dating and turin

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In addition, the series can be watched on Kansai TV (July 13 – September 21), Tokai TV (July 15 – September 23), TV Nishinippon (July 21 – September 22, every 2 weeks, 2 episodes per day, last 3 episodes on September 22), BS Fuji (August 7 – October 23) and Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting (October 10 - December).

After hearing that his grandfather, Souichi Kaga, has died, Daikichi Kawachi and his relatives gather at Souichi's home for the funeral.

As Rin becomes part of his life, Daikichi experiences the hardships of being a single parent.There, he meets a young girl named Rin, who is allegedly Souichi's illegitimate daughter.Following the funeral, the relatives refuse to take in the girl and opt to put her up for adoption.Rin discovers that she has no family ties to Daikichi and the series ends with Rin planning to have a child with Daikichi.With Rin living in his home, Daikichi quits smoking, cleans his house, and reluctantly cuts back on work hours.

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