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Catching up, talking about their lives, and the good old days..the more they talked about the good old days and the more nostalgic they got, the more they craved a new adventure.The universe was a funny thing though, and had a way of cooking up a hot mess of crazy; which little did they know, was about to hit them soon enough.A group of famous video game characters want to broaden their audience and make themselves more popular. Spyro sighed as he slumped on the table in front of him.

They both forgot how much fun they had when they were together.

And of course, the most asked question at his panel's Q and A was, when will there be a new Spyro game?

Spyro never knew how to answer that question, because he didn't know himself.

Oh, he loved his current loyal fans, but what he wouldn't give to be popular again.

He respected his Skylander counterpart, who he sometimes visited for coffee to catch up on how the new series had been doing, but he still longed to have his own series back again.

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