Validating forms using vbscript

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The article also documents recommended solutions for these issues.

When currently known issues and recommended solutions pertain only to specific releases of this software, this article provides links to further articles.

This update contains support for several vulnerabilities because the modifications that are required to address these issues are located in related files.

I am using an older release of the software discussed in this security bulletin. The affected software listed in this bulletin have been tested to determine which releases are affected. For more information about the product lifecycle, see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website.

Also note that only supported versions of Microsoft XML Core Services are offered an update.

For more information on which versions are supported by Microsoft, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 269238. Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) allows customers who use JScript, Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), and Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 to develop XML-based applications that provide interoperability with other applications that adhere to the XML 1.0 standard. Why does this update address several reported security vulnerabilities?

It should be a priority for customers who have older releases of the software to migrate to supported releases to prevent potential exposure to vulnerabilities.

To determine the support lifecycle for your software release, see Select a Product for Lifecycle Information.

For more information, see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ.Customers who have not enabled automatic updating need to check for updates and install this update manually.For information about specific configuration options in automatic updating, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 294871.The following software have been tested to determine which versions or editions are affected.Other versions or editions are either past their support life cycle or are not affected.

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