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But in recent years, this 57-year-old rapper has fallen off the radar.From his once great days in the public eye, he has seemingly disappeared.To put it into perspective, Flav has been a busy man over the years. With that said, seven kids require a lot of money to raise.His ex-baby mama Angie Parker took him to court in May 2012, according to .Essentially, he agreed to a plea deal that would reduce his charges and allow him to bypass jail in his sentencing.In all, he was given a year of probation and was ordered to attend 12 domestic violence counseling sessions with Gibran. More importantly the series introduced America to a new type of reality programing—rachet TV.

According to came around, I was very uncomfortable with doing it because I had a girl at home, and she got pregnant during the second one." The pair stayed together despite Flav signing up for a third season of shenanigans. There were droves of women not only vying for his heart, but aiming to make a name for themselves on television."I brought her on the show and my little son, you know, we just had a baby.His name is Karma." In 2013, the couple pushed aside their busy schedules to fix their marriage for reality show initially reported Flav's wife accidently overdosed on painkillers.But perhaps the most interesting woman in his life is his wife Liz Trujillo. According to a brief interview with Steve Harvey in May 2016 (via ), they've been together for over a decade. So I'm not mad." But things for this couple weren't always so smooth."My girl, she's at home, she's just chilling," the rapper updated Harvey on his life. In fact, fans may recall he was engaged to be married while he was publicly dating women for his ex-reality show , you know, when I had picked this girl called 'Thing 2,' you know, and the whole nine, I was already, you know, had a fiancée," he added.

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